lightofthevalar (lightofthevalar) wrote,

Dear LJ Friends:

I am doing a clean-up of my LJ friends today. If for some reason I accidentally delete you from my friends list and you cannot see my "CONGRATS YOU'RE AWESOME" post that I'm going to make probably before 4PM PST today, feel free to comment on my "friends only" post and let me know. Chances are I might delete you because I can't remember who you are because you haven't updated in forever, but if you remind me (I'm really awful with remembering things, I apologize) I'll add you back.

The reason for the sudden clean-up?

A friend of mine (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and I have become inspired by the Fandom Secret posts and think that it would be fun to post a fandom secret of our own every so often, not anonymously, so that we can learn new things about friends that we didn't know before. If you think this seems like fun, you should definitely join in too =)

If you're unsure of what a fandom secret is, check out fandomsecrets

EDIT: Already finished, if you can't read my "YOU'RE AWESOME" post, it means you were taken off.
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